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Convergências: pensar ensino e desigualdade com Scheffler, Patto, Bourdieu e Passeron


Our text, and all those which are part of this dossier, is the result of efforts to highlight the books and authors that have become “classics” for each of us. Thus, the authors discussed here were chosen because they structure how we read, think and conceive both the world and the field to which we dedicated our research and reflection. In this article, we return to the reflections proposed by Maria Helena Souza Patto, Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron on school inequality, and by Israel Scheffler on the underlying pedagogy that forges certain understandings about it. In the current moment, the emergence of a pandemic and its consequent social isolation require that schooling, if it is to continue, reinvents its practices, times and spaces, modifying the pedagogical relationship, the access to technology, our inherited cultural capital and the schooling of parents. All these are essential for educational success. In this context, reexamining the contributions of those authors proves to be a powerful exercise of reflection..

Educational inequality; Reproduction; Pedagogical relationship; Remote education

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