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From the Memories to a Sensorial History of the School in the Province of Paraná

Juarez José Tuchinski dos Anjos About the author


Based on the considerations of Silva and Vidal (2011)SILVA, Vera Lúcia Gaspar da; VIDAL, Diana Gonçalves. Por uma História Sensorial da Escola e da Escolarização. In: CASTRO, César Augusto de (Org.). Cultura Material Escolar: a escola e seus artefatos (MA, SP, PR, SC e RS 1870-1925). São Luís: EDUFMA; Café com Lápis, 2011. P. 19-42., it was developed the hypothesis that it is possible to evidence some experiences of what the elementary school in Imperial Brazil delivered to children. This was done by means of a sensory history, based on the individual and collective contacts with school materiality evoked in memorialistic records, making explicit the meanings assigned to the school and the schooling received during that historical moment. This article aims to conduct an initial approach to this matter, identifying the sensory experiences that occurred in a school of city of Paranaguá, in the coast of the Province of Paraná along the 1870s, in the life of Nestor Vitor dos Santos, one of the students who attended it.

Sensory History; 19th Century; School Material Culture

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