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The various stances of literacy: processes for the production of the literate subject

This text explores the notion of literacy as a socially situated practice which is more than skills and processes of reading and writing, therefore including behaviours, values, beliefs and knowledges about what can be done with words and how, with what kind of tools, in a particular domain of practice. The analysis is conducted upon some pedagogical devices, such as the discursive strategies of the classroom interaction as well as some of school textbooks, that ensure a particular literacy and a particular literate person, as well as upon representations of reading and of the reader conveyed by the texts of a corpus of language textbooks. Among the main conclusions, it is worth to note the restricted version of literacy and of the role of the reader, whose constructed position is that of acceptance of a voice with authority defines for them as good reading practice.

Literacy; Classroom Discourse; School Textbooks

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