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Juvenilization of Adult and Youth Education and the implications for the process of schooling


The research analyzes the juvenilization in the Young and Adults Education, highlighting the causes of this process and implications in schooling. It aims to reflect on the reasons that determined the insertion of young people in the Young and Adults Education, specifying the causes and the impacts lived. The research approach is qualitative, anchored, strategically, in the field research. The data search was accomplished using a semi-structured questionnaire, which was applied to the research subjects: 27 teachers and 37 students from the public schools of Barreiras and Salvador, Bahia. The results showed to the influence of students’ work on the schooling process; the struggle to ensure access/stay at school; pedagogical practice; and school management as tool for promoting inclusion with dialogue, Teaching quality and equity.

Young and Adults Education; Juvenilization; Quality Teaching; Schooling

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