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Work-life balance in Higher Education: a systematic review of the impact on the well-being of teachers

Equilíbrio entre trabalho e vida no Ensino Superior: uma revisão sistemática do impacto no bem-estar dos professores

Equilibrio entre trabajo y vida en la Educación Superior: una revisión sistemática del impacto en el bienestar de los docentes


The work-life balance needs to be exercised by individuals who perform functions in the fields of work and family, including Higher Education teachers. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the work-life balance in Higher Education and the impact on the well-being of teachers. Based on a systematic review of 53 articles retrieved from the ScienceDirect, Scopus and Web of Science from 2005 to 2020, this article has a rigorous systematic review methodology using the Mendeley and EndNote software tools. The VOSviewer and Microsoft Excel software tools were also used in the following techniques: citation analysis and co-ocurrence of terms/words. In addition, main topics discussed about the work-life balance among Higher Education teachers, research areas, field of activity and SWOT analysis (opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses) were identified in the literature. Findings suggest that gender inequality, stress level at work and the absence of a healthy workplace impact on the work-life balance and consequently on the well-being of Higher Education teachers.

Work-life balance; Teacher; University; Higher Education

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