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Digital Lifelong Learning and Higher Education: multicultural strengths and challenges in pandemic times

Educação Permanente Digital e Instituições de Ensino Superior: potenciais e desafios multiculturais em período de pandemia

Educación permanente digital e instituciones de Educación Superior: potenciales y desafíos multiculturales en un período pandémico


The paper aims to discuss digital learning for lifelong learning at the university level in Brazil, taken as a case study. It is structured in the following way. It presents concepts of digital learning in multicultural approaches within lifelong paradigms. It then presents a cursory look at Brazilian educational policies in that area, particularly focusing on the role of the Universidade Aberta (Open University) in Brazil. Lastly, it discusses digital learning in the context of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemics in Brazil. It tries to gauge the impediments and the challenges that may jeopardise a multicultural potential in educational policies, particularly focusing on government political directives as well as responses from university associations and from a public university. It concludes, by presenting possible ways ahead for reflections and contributions in the area.

Digital Learning; Lifelong Learning; Higher Education; COVID-19; Multicultural Perspectives; Educational Policies; Brazil

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