Challenges in the profissionalization of the university teaching's new role

Patricio Montero Lago About the author

The objetive of this paper is to relate the educational demands of the new century with the modifications being needed in the university teaching practice. The main implication consists in the substitution of basic presuppositions for differentiate teaching procedures. This in addition to further knowledges development, taking into account the results of recent researchs. The text is dividid into in three approaches addresses. The first-changes in the teaching action performance - presents results of recent researches-on the effective teaching. The second - functions and tasks of the teaching-new attributions - is based in inovattive teaching experiences, being illustrated by certain functions and key-tasks that should be present in the professor performance. The third - the teaching role in a new systemic vision - considers teaching as something challenging and presents suggestions to the advance of teaching profissionalization in that new vision.

Educational demands; University teaching; Researches; Profissionalization

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