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Models for the pedagogical integration of information and communication technologies: a literature review

Modelos para a integração pedagógica de tecnologias de informação e comunicação: uma revisão da literatura.

Modelos para la integración pedagógica de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación: una revisión de la literatura


Education was, is and will continue to be a field full of questions: Why to teach? What to teach? How to teach? What, how and when to evaluate? Moreover, while the same questions persist, answers to them do not. They are dynamic, and they are transformed according to the demands of the family, the company and government policies. To address these considerations, this article aims to present the results of research into the literature of the last two decades on the elements that characterize a pedagogical model and that have been taken into account in explorations with regard to the educational integration of information and communication technologies and to identify gaps for future research. The results show that only 11% of the literature reviewed addresses the four questions listed above and concludes on the need to deepen the factors that affect the success of the changes that are introduced in the school, which seek to generate processes of educational transformation, from a holistic perspective.

Teaching; Educational models; Pedagogical trends; Curriculum; Evaluation

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