Social Insertion: in search of senses and indicators for the evaluation of post-graduation in the Education area

Carlos Eduardo Ferraço Isabel Maria Sabino de Farias About the authors


The article problematizes the theme social insertion in the evaluative process of Stricto Sensu post-graduation in Education in Brazil. From the examination of the Assessment Form of the quadrennium 2013-2016, it shows how the social insertion question is there objectified, triangulated analysis with the debates arising from the I and II Seminars “The Brazilian Postgraduate Evaluation System” promoted by ANPED (2017 and 2018) and with data obtained from the Sucupira Platform in 168 education programs, in the 2016 annual report sent by the PPGEs to Capes, of the actions identified in their practices as concretizers of this item. What should be considered in this regard is still the subject of little consensus, an agenda that becomes more complex with changes in the Capes Evaluation System, which proposes to evaluate it based on its impact.

Social Insertion; Evaluation; Postgraduate studies; Education

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