A multivariate statistical analysis of the performance of the Ribeirão Preto municipal schools

Mozart Neves Ramos Antonio José da Costa Filho João Bosco Paraíso da Silva Ester Fraga Vilas-Bôas Carvalho do Nascimento About the authors


This study performs a multivariate statistical analysis of principal components (PCA) to establish school performance standards for the 5th and 9th grades of the municipal schools in Ribeirão Preto. The mathematical equations obtained from two-dimensional PCA graphs reveal that the percentages of students with adequate learning in Portuguese language and mathematics are the most significant indicators to explain such performance patterns. From this analysis, it was possible to establish school performance vectors for each of the schools in the two elementary school years considered here. Finally, it was possible to establish a quantitative indicator of the heterogeneity for each of the school levels investigated.

School Performance; Principal Components; School Heterogeneity; Municipal Schools; Ribeirão Preto

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