The relation between education and economic development in the capitalism: elements for a debate

Neide de Almeida Lança Galvão Favaro Paulo Sergio Tumolo About the authors


The article analyzes the relation between education and economic development as it appears in the most recent theoretical production of Dermeval Saviani, main author of the historical-critical pedagogy. His proposal is to convert the investment in education in the main axis of the development, overcoming the lack of "political will", which would benefit the whole society in all social-economic fields. In parallel, the necessity of a "State's publicization" is claimed. The author argues that his proposal is related to the socialist fight, as its fulfillment would imply a socialization process of the means of production, since that, to him, knowledge is a mean of production. These propositions and their political consequences to the class struggle are questioned here.

Education; Economic development; Capitalism

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