In search of schools within School: for an epistemology of "unwrapped candy"

This paper discusses the knowledge production in the modern scientific paradigm to ponder over its limits and to access nuances of the quotidian. It assumes that, in the wake of the modern scientific approach followed by the social sciences, we resign and understand as natural the practice of experience satisfying ourselves and believe in labels and packages that intent to access and explain the ordinary human living. It tries to evidence the importance of options leading to propose research in/of/with the quotidian, like a way, rather than a paradigm, to understand and value the knowledgedoings of the everyday practices, that cannot be deciphered by some angles and framing of the formal discourse. Telling experiences is not overestimating the things that, by the improbable positivist aspect, would look as an "ode to standard deviation". Assuming the risks of bringing them implies believing that the act of destabilizing the dominant conceptions on school will contribute to thinking without prejudice, far from the impossibilities and the edge of the abyss.

Research in/of with the quotidian; School quotidian; Social emancipation; Scientific approach

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