Participating with young adults and teenagers in the experience of approaching the adult world: the challenge of Education

Benedito Dielcio Moreira About the author

Abstract :

In this paper we discuss the relations that young students have with the media world. Fully able to handle media technologies, young people travel between and intra media with absolute ease, with the intimacy of a daily coexistence. However, every information technology and the available content act as mediators and co-builders of realities. On the other extreme, in the field of reception, there is a recipient with a history and embedded in a distinctive cultural context. This means there is a process of construction of realities in issuing centers, a deconstruction in the act of reception and new versions are then rebuilt from the reception process and the interactions within social groups. From this confrontation of media content with a given cultural-historical reality of the receiver, meanings are generated and shared. The ideas discussed herein are the result of a study carried out with young students enrolled in the first year of High School in four schools: two public schools and two private schools. During the research they answered a questionnaire, participated in classroom discussions and in focal groups. The aim here, therefore, is to discuss what is generated in the reception, which content is relevant, with whom they are shared and how the school, as a space for socialization and learning, participates in this process.

Youth; Teens; Media; School

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