Supervised Field Work II: a curricular experience of insertion in Primary Health Care

Patty Fidelis de Almeida Matheus Oliveira Bastos Michele Agostinho Condé Natália Janoni Macedo Julia de Mattos Feteira Felipe Pacelli Botelho Rodolpho Luiz da Silva About the authors

Through the diversification of learning scenarios, the curriculum component Supervised Field Work II (SFW II) proposes to insert Primary Health Care from the early semesters of the Medical training in the Fluminense Federal University em Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This paper presents the experience of SFW II students and a preceptor in a Primary Care Unit (PHC) during the 3rd and 4th semesters of the medical degree. From the experience gained during the practice, and the follow-up done by written reports and reflections, several categories were used to describe and analyze the contributions of the systematic insertion in the PHC as a tool for change in medical education. It was concluded that the PHC as a learning scenario represents an environment that offers students a new perspective of health training, based on the population’s health needs, and that it must remain as a practice scenario in subsequent semesters of the training, which is not yet the case.

Primary Health Care; Medical Education; Curriculum

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