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"As principais forças dos pirrônicos" (La 131) e sua apropriação por Huet

This paper has two sections. In the first I examine Pascal's appropriation in La 131 of the Cartesian argument of the deceiver God. Pascal develops a skeptical reading of the argument in order to use it as a premise for his apologetic argument of the true religion. In the second section I examine Huet's appropriation of this same Cartesian argument in his Philosophical Treatise on the Weakness of the Human Understanding. Based on this work of Huet's and on his marginal notes on Pascal's Thoughts, I show that his skeptical reading of the argument is derived from Pascal's, although Huet's and Pascal's goals are distinct: while the latter intends to provide an argument for the Fall of Man, the former intends to show the weakness of reason unassisted by supernatural faith.

Deceiver God; Skepticism; Descartes; Pascal; Huet

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