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Clima organizacional: uma análise de sua definição e de seus componentes

A very important element with regard to the effectiveness of an organization is the impact the organizational climate has on the behavior and performance of its employees. However, despite the countless number of studies carried out, an adequate understanding of its components and characteristics has not yet been accomplished. Consequences of the failure of a precise definition of the construct organizational climate are, among other things: (a) the impossibility to compare studies carried out up to now; (b) difficulties in the identification of its principal predictors and consequences, and (c) inaccurateness in the analysis of intervention actions based on a diagnostic evaluation of an organization’s climate. Against the portrayed background the present study has as a goal to contribute to a better definition of organizational climate, establishing the theoretical characteristics of this construct and identifying its main components. Taking the definition of Koys and DeCotiis (1991) as a point of departure, a theoretical analysis was undertaken of the extension of the concept which pretends to contribute to a more precise delimitation of the construct and to a better definition of the dimensions that compose the construct. The present article finishes alerting to the necessity of empirical studies that permit to analyze the psychometric validity of the proposal presented by the authors

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