Edgar Díaz-Camargo Manuel Riaño-Garzón Saida Andrea Ballesteros García Diana Yomara Mora Vallejo Laura Inés Soto Méndez Iris Yolima Valero María Judith Bautista-Sandoval About the authors


The study aims to establish the relationship between psychological support and university permanence, through the analysis of individual, academic and sociodemographic variables. The study followed an ex post-facto, descriptive correlational design with a census sampling of 520 students who have voluntarily attended psychological support. The information was obtained through a questionnaire that explores sociodemographic, academic and specific characteristics of psychological follow-up. Comparative and correlational analyzes were performed finding a positive relationship between permanence and brief psychological accompaniment in the face of situational crises. Additionally, it was concluded that university permanence is related to age, gender, semester, average, the reason for consultation and the therapeutic method developed in the psychological accompaniment process. The results were discussed in the light of background that have explained the phenomena of permanence and dropout in school context.

Psychotherapy; school dropouts; student permanence

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