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Financing as a challenge in public health policies: the case of the Health Academy Program


The Health Academy Program (HAP) contributes to health promotion and care production, but considering the lack of investments, the objective was to present an overview of the federal funding of the HAP by the Ministry of Health. An exploratory research was conducted in the National Health Fund, and the transfers related to construction and costing, from 2011 to 2020, to municipal management were analyzed. A total of 2,164 completed centers were identified, 1,691 that received funds and did not complete construction and an annual average of 1,441 centers being funded in 2020. In conclusion, the overview presented in the text shows that HAP was not prioritized and, as an example, the costing value is highly outdated since its not been uptaded since its creation.

Health policy; Financing, government; Health promotion; Exercise

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