Eight-week effects of detraining on cardiovascular parameters in elderly women

Luís Ângelo Macêdo Santiago Lidio Gonçalves Lima Neto Guilherme Borges Pereira Cristiano Teixeira Mostarda Antônio Luís Rodrigues Costa Júnior Francisco Navarro About the authors


The detraining effects on cardiovascular parameters in the elderly women (EW) were evaluated. EW underwent 8 weeks of resistance training, followed by eight weeks of detraining. 9 EW were evaluated (age 62 ± 2.30). Peripheral venous blood collections and body composition evaluation were performed before training, after training and after the detraining phase. There was no significant increase in CRP in detraining phase, but we observed negative changes for total cholesterol and body composition, represented by fat weight. The results suggest that 8 weeks of detraining did not significantly increase CRP, but had a negative influence on other parameters related to cardiovascular risks, as anthropometric and biochemical values represented by total cholesterol and fat mass, respectively. In fact, continuity of physical training is essential to acquiring and maintaining good health, otherwise the beneficial adaptations achieved will return to initial values.

Detraining; C-reactive protein; Cardiovascular risk; Blood test

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