Lower limb flexibility and injury index relationship on resistance modalities

Matheus Silva Norberto Enrico Fuini Puggina About the authors


The aim of this cross-section study was to analyze the possible relationships between lower limb flexibility and injury history in resistance modalities: cycling, running, swimming and triathlon. Twenty athletes of each modality were submitted to a questionnaire and later to an evaluation of flexibility through goniometry, investigating joints that comprise movement of: hip, knee and ankle. Significant relationships between flexibility and the history of injuries were found. Being the positive relations for running and triathlon and negative for running. It has also been shown that the specific flexibility of some portions regarding lower limbs has positive and negative relationships with the injury history in specific regions of the body. It is concluded that flexibility may have had an influence on the practitioner's harmful history and this relationship is different between modalities of resistance.

Pliability; Injuries; Sports; Sports medicine

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