Description of 18 weeks integrated training on the displacement speed in Brazilian futsal players

Ricardo Stochi de Oliveira João Paulo Borin Paula Teixeira Fernandes Marco Carlos Uchida Thiago de Oliveira Borges About the authors


This work aimed to verify in different moments 18 weeks integrated training on the speed of male Brazilian futsal athletes throughout a season. Nine athletes from were studied, they played on the adult category in the state's championship. The 18 weeks were analysed within sections of integrated training (physical, technical, and tactical), as well as friendly and official games. The speed in 15 meters was evaluated by photocells (Cefise®), performed in four moments and the main results show: i) the statistically significant improvement (p< 0.05) on the speed from M1 (6.09 ± 0.22 m/s) to M2 (6.85 ± 0.28 m/s) with the predominance of strength and power training, ii) the decrease of the speed on M3 (6.42 ± 0.23 m/s) in relation to M2 (6.85 ± 0.28 m/s) with emphasis on technical and tactical training.

Futsal; Speed; Sports Training; Training

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