O nível de condicionamento físico interfere nas respostas psicofisiológicas?

Fabrícia Geralda Ferreira João Carlos Bouzas Marins About the authors


The aim was to evaluate whether the physical conditioning level interferes in the psychophysiological responses during the running. Fifteen long-distance runner athletes (25.3 ± 2.4 years) (G1) and fifteen non-athlete active subjects (23.1 ± 4.3 years) (G2) performed a 80 min running session with intensity between 75 and 85% of heart rate reserve. Every 10 min the participants reported the rates of perceived exertion (RPE), thermal sensation (TS), thermal comfort (TC), sensation of thirst (ST), nausea (SN) and fullness (SF). There was a significant difference between G1 vs G2 in the RPE (p = 0.020) since 40 min and in the TC (p< 0.001) since 50 min We conclude that the physical conditioning level affects the RPE and TC during the long-distance running.

Exercise; Physical fitness; Physical exertion; Running

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