Physical activity and sleep quality in military police officers

Valdeni Manoel Bernardo Franciele Cascaes da Silva Elizandra Gonçalves Ferreira Gisele Graziele Bento Mauro Cezar Zilch Bianca Andrade de Sousa Rudney da Silva About the authors


The study aimed to verify associations between physical activity level, sleep quality, excessive daytime sleepiness, and demographic characteristics of military police officers from Florianópolis and neighboring cities. An amount of 438 police officers had participated in the study. The instruments adopted were IPAQ, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index-PSQI; Epworth Sleepiness Scale-ESS; and a report with sociodemographic and occupational information. Military police officers were characterized by high levels of physical activity and poor sleep quality. Associations between physical activity level and sleep quality were not identified. Police officers that operate predominantly in administrative areas are considered less physically active than those operating in operational services.

Motor activity; Sleep; Police; Occupational health

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