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Pedagogical practice with Fights in Physical Education: a portrait of the formation and teaching reality of high school teachers in the Federal District


The objective of the study was to investigate the formation and pedagogical practice on the teaching of Fights in High School in the Federal District. The research method is of a mixed nature (quanti-qualitative) and exploratory. For data collection, a questionnaire (30 questions) was elaborated and validated, which was answered by 38 teachers. The results revealed that teachers are trained in Physical Education, 81.58% have a graduate study lato sensu, and 2.63% have a master's degree, 53.73% had the discipline of Fights at graduation, 47.37% teach Fights and that the main strategies are the adaptation of rules/ materials/spaces, and use of fighting games. Among those who do not teach Fights (52.63%) the justifications of lack of training prevail.

Fights; Teaching; Physical Education; Teacher formation

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