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Social aspects and sports performance: the principle of social-corporeal individuality1 1 This article is derived from the doctoral thesis "Managements of the body of "elite amateurs" of the trail run: the sociocorporal individuality", authored by Diego Costa Freitas, developed in the Graduate Program in Physical Education at EEFD/UFRJ.

Aspectos sociais e performance: o princípio da individualidade sociocorporal

Aspectos sociales y desempeño: el principio de la individualidad sociocorporal


The study aims to analyze sociocultural aspects of the practice of trail running and how these relate to the performance of amateur athletes. We used a qualitative perspective to observe the participants, as well as field-notes. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with amateur athletes of regional prominence. Data were processed considering content analysis. For those under investigation, trail running, besides relieving daily drudgery, is seen as a setting which enables personal development and social interaction. We conclude that elements of a non-biological nature connected to a practice routine must be considered when planning said practice, since they seem to create impacts on athlete performance.

Endurance; Training; Performance; Qualitative study

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