The television construction of MMA: the TUF Brasil program and the fighter's humanization process

Flávio Py Mariante Neto Daniel Giordani Vasques Marco Paulo Stigger About the authors


Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a sport created and modified in association with the media, whose main exponent are UFC. The objective was to describe and analyze The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil. The research was characterized as a case study that used screen ethnography, in order to describe and interpret meanings. The analysis of TUF Brasil built three categories: the program, structure and rules; techniques, training, fights and sportization strategies; and the personal/family dramas and the “humanization” process of the fighter. The program boosts the sportization process of MMA by combining technical-tactical elements of the contests with the subjects' narratives and dramas.

MMA; Sportization; Television; Humanization

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