History of teacher education

Gary Mcculloch About the author

In the past 30 years, the history of education in England, as in many other countries, has been excluded from the teacher education curriculum. This has significant implications for the nature of teacher education in terms of the relationship between practice and theory. This study evaluates the change of position of the history of education as a field of research and study in relation to its contributions to teacher education. Based on a review of the specialized literature, we demonstrate that research in the history of education has developed in an exemplary manner internationally, although the results have not reached teacher education programs. For this reason, teachers do not have a critical understanding of the history of the teaching profession and of pedagogy and education in general. This paradox, which involves the growth of research about the history of the teaching profession among specialists - yet its absence in teacher college curriculums - is the main theme of this reflection. The article concludes that the recent study of the history of teaching has much to contribute to teacher education, and that the distance between this history and the curriculum at teacher college's must be overcome.

history of education; history of the teaching profession; teacher education; theory and practice

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