The construction of didactics in the didactics' work group - analysis of its references

Selma Garrido Pimenta José Cerchi Fusari Maria Isabel de Almeida Maria Amélia do Rosário Santoro Franco About the authors

In the face of the difficult conditions under which schools work today, Didactics has been challenged to find new spaces of meaning. How can one act / think didactically when there are no minimal conditions for the organization of an educational space/time which values teaching and learning? In this article we propose to analyze the theoretical production and research conducted over the past twenty years by the Didactics WG of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Education (ANPEd). We assume that both as a theoretical field and as a social practice, it works as a sounding and reverberation box of the challenges that the socioeconomic and political context poses to the educational task. In all the studies analyzed we observed some epistemological and paradigm dispersion. The studies carried out reiterate four foci of analysis: teaching practices; contexts of practice; mediations between teaching and learning; and epistemological research.

didactic specificity; teaching; learning; epistemology

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