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Approaches in formation of teachers: an aproximative reconstruction of the conceptual field

Catia Piccolo Viero Devechi Amarildo Luiz Trevisan About the authors

The formation of teachers is a provocative subject of endless debate, but at the same time very fruitful for the advancement of educational research in Brazil. There are many educational researches, especially of post-graduate level, that conduct discussions on this subject. It is no coincidence that this happens because it is a characteristic concern of the current historical moment, which seeks to clarify the theoretical basis of the formation making possible a quality education for all. The motivations of this study seek to combine the urgency to address these problems in the field of formation of teachers identified in academic research, which unfortunately have been treated sometimes in an unexceptional way. But more than that, it would actually require a reformulation of its conceptual field. In view of this huge demand, we intend to accomplish a task in this work, defined by the Philosophy of the Education, in an approximate way, proposing an hermeneutic-reconstructive view in order to rethink the possible mistakes in the course of the debate.

formation of teachers; philosophy of education; reconstructive hermeneutics; educational research

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