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The Forum of Coordinators of Postgraduate Programmes in Education: historical notes

Bruno Pucci About the author

The ANPEd brings together two types of member: institutions represented by coordinators of postgraduate programmes in education and individual members - lecturers, researchers and postgraduate students in education. Since its creation in 1978, the coordinators have participated in the association's annual meetings, discussing problems related to their courses and otheir relations with the agencies which coordinate postgraduate studies and foment research. In 1993, they created the Forum of Programme Coordinators within ANPEd for the same reasons. As ANPEd had already created the system of working groups in 1981, the association was made up of two levels: the working groups in which the individual members presented their scientific production and the Forum whose central concern was policy for postgraduate programmes in education and especially for the evaluation of those programmes. This article seeks to recover problems faced by programme coordinators since the creation of ANPEd (1978), including the years of its constitution, institutionalization and legitimization of the Forum (1993-2002), up to the present date (2007). It also proposes to reflect on questions which enriched the action of the coordinators during these years as well as to understand the principles which they are constructing within the association. To achieve this goal, a documental and bibliographic research was carried out and interviews were made with researchers who participated in the organization of the Forum. The article also seeks to provide subsidies for the understanding of the history of the Forum and of ANPEd as well as serving as an introduction for new coordinators who are beginning their trajectory in this collective enterprise.

ANPEd; Forum of Coordinators; educational research; postgraduate studies in education; history of education; postgraduate policy

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