The Constitution of the Field of Special Education Expressed in the Brazilian Journal of Special Education - Rbee (1992-2017)2 2 Este artigo apresenta alguns resultados da tese de Doutorado Excepcionalidade, deficiência ou necessidades educacionais especiais: O aluno como constituinte do campo da educação especial. Teve o apoio financeiro da CAPES e CNPq.

José Geraldo Silveira BUENO Sirleine Brandão de SOUZA About the authors


The purpose of this paper is to present, analyze and discuss the constitution of the field of Special Education, having the texts published by the Brazilian Journal of Special Education - RBEE- from 1992 to 2017 as its source. Through this selected source, it was possible to elaborate a trend balance regarding the subjects that produce the discourses disseminated by the journal, as well as the subjects and policies that these narratives produce and the way in which they are produced. In order to do so, among the total of published texts, those which presented a broad discussion on Special Education were selected through three axes of entry: who produced the papers, what was produced and by what means these narratives were produced. The collected data were organized through indicators that fed the database allowing both the elaboration of tables and the analysis of the main trends of this production from its launch until the year 2017, having Pierre Bourdieu's studies as theoretical reference, specifically the notions of field and language. The highlighted results of this analysis are the high incidence of productions in the Southeastern region of Brazil, coming from authors with a doctorate degree in the academic field related to education, culminating with the analysis of terms that designate the population assisted by Special Education and that express the dispute over the scientific authority of this field of investigation.

Special Education; Educational research; Bibliographic research; Academic production

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