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The Theater and Principle of Emergentist Adhesion

Yannick Bressan About the author


The recent Revealing of a psychological and neurocognitive phenomenon in the Laboratory of Imaging and Cognitive Neurosciences (Hospital of Strasbourg) shows us how much the alliance of art and sciences can be a fertile and an unexpected way of researching. The applications of this study on the principle of emergentist adhesion are numerous (psychology-oncology, art, communication...). So it appears with regard to the obtained results and which will be briefly presented in this text that the theater, far from being that a simple tool of entertainment can participate and to contribute, as Aristote envisaged, to the wellbeing and to the evolution of the city. This text is so, in its way a plea for the active interdisciplinarity.

Theater; Cognitive Neurosciences; Psychology; Principle of Emergentist Adhesion; Neuroaesthetics

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