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Microscopicpolitics and Imargination in the Shareable Intimate Rituals in the CPP_Implicações Project

La Microscopique-Politique et l’Imargener dans les Rituels Intimes Partageables du Projet CPP_Implicações


How to survive the end of a world model? We could say: by opening up space so other worlds may be established, and by holding up the sky through the invention of a dance that is possible for the body that there is. In a pandemic and necropolitical context, we collectively perform and invent our rituals through video conferencing platforms in bordering actions from the project named Body, performance and the political in implication (CPP_Implications). In an artistic investigation influenced by authors such as Airton Krenan, Davi Kopenawa, Erin Manning, Baruch Spinoza, Jane Bennet and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro we cartographically coined two terms: microscopicpolitics and the act of imargination.

Dance; Performance; Artistic Investigation; Body-World

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Av. Paulo Gama s/n prédio 12201, sala 700-2, Bairro Farroupilha, Código Postal: 90046-900, Telefone: 5133084142 - Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil