Road traffic accidents involving elderly people: an integrative review

Betise Mery Alencar Sousa Macau Furtado Ana Carolina Bezerra de Lima Ranna Carinny Gonçalves Ferreira About the authors



To identify the epidemiological and socio-demographic profile of elderly victims of traffic accidents reported in articles published in scientific literature from 2013 to 2018.


The Literatura Latino Americana em Ciências da Saúde (Latin American Literature in Health Sciences), Base de Dados de Enfermagem (Database in Nursing), Scientific Electronic Library Online, and Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online databases were used, with the guiding question being: What is the scientific production on traffic accidents involving elderly people? A total of 355 articles were found. After the application of the selection criteria, 16 were evaluated, and nine remained for final analysis.


The age range was 60 to 69 years and the majority of the sample were men, who were married and had low schooling. Being run over was the most frequent accident. The width of the traffic lanes and the time of the accident influenced the frequency and risk of accidents and the severity of the injuries.


Younger elderly persons were the most affected, and being run over was the most frequent type of accident.

Accidents Traffic; Health of the Elderly; Wounds and Injuries; Elderly Population

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