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Elderly's perception of groups of elderly

Brazil is getting older, especially in awareness and participation, because every day increases the number of citizens concerned with health, with cultural growth and who claim more space in society. However, the changes resulting from technological advances have brought a life expectancy greater than that expected by many, and increasingly older people are now adding an even higher percentage, representing a significant portion of the population. This study aimed to identify the perception of the elderly about participation in groups. Interviews were conducted with 20 people of both genders and divided into two groups, of which ten attended the Grupo Flor de Maçã, and ten attend the Grupo Melhor Idade em Ação. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and participant observation recorded in a field diary, which occurred in places and times scheduled with supervisors and participants. The data were analyzed by the participants' speech, processed and separated into pre-established categories. It was found that participation in living groups made dramatic improvements and changes in the lives of elderly of the study and improvements in several factors can be noticed, such as health, self-esteem and recovery. Many reported that activities in groups contributed significantly to the development of the functions of daily life, besides getting a recognition and appreciation, both by families and by society in general. We conclude that participation in groups is paramount in the quest to achieve better quality of life.

Demographic Aging; Age Groups; Elderly; Living Group; Quality of Life

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