‘For lighting the past’: books and education in the context of the fiftieth anniversary of the Independence (Brazilian capital, 1870s)

Edgleide de Oliveira Clemente da Silva Aline Machado dos Santos Fátima Aparecida do Nascimento Aline de Morais Limeira Pasche About the authors


In this study, we thought about ways to approach the country's political emancipation. We questioned some ‘remains’, places of memories: the books, responsible for the intervention, education, constitution and legitimation of certain representations about Independence. These are: Ideias por coordenar a respeito da emancipação by Maria Durocher (1871a) and A independencia e o Imperio do Brazil by Alexandre Moraes (1877). We concluded the analysis by understanding the distinct objectives of each work and their similarities, such as the fact that they relate the incompatibility between independence and slavery. In the educational aspect, Durocher defended formal education while Mello Moraes was a true narrative based on facts and documents, which would constitute the history for the formation of youth.

memory; history of education; books; political emancipation

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