Digestibility and bioavailability of phosphorus from spray-dried yeasts in the diet of starting pigs (15-30 kg)

Digestibilidade e biodisponibilidade do fósforo da levedura em dieta de suínos na fase inicial (15-30 kg)

Lina Maria Peñuela Sierra Ivan Moreira Antonio Claudio Furlan Paulo Levi de Oliveira Carvalho Ângela Rocio Poveda Parra Gisele Cristina Oliveira About the authors

Two experiments were carried out to determine the bioavailability of phosphorus in two spray-dried yeasts - sugarcane yeast (SCY), and sugarcane yeast + brewer's yeast (SCBY) - in starting pigs, by comparing different methods (Apparent Digestibility Coefficient of Phosphorus - ADCP; True Digestibility Coefficient of Phosphorus - TDCP; slope ratio; and standard curve). In experiment I, a digestibility assay were carried out using 30 cross breed pig with initial weigh of 22.69 ± 4.24kg, allotted in a completely randomized design. The mean ADCP and TDCP values were 62.68 and 64.15% for SCY and 77.01 and 79.33% for SCBY. ADCP and TDCP for SCBY were higher (P<0.05) than the values for SCY. In Experiment II, a growth test was conducted, 56 crossbred piglets, were utilized, with initial live weight of 15.11 ± 3.43kg, allotted in a completely randomized design, with seven treatments, four replications, and two pigs per experimental unit. The treatments consisted of a basal diet without supplementation with P and the same diet including supplementation with two levels of P (0.053% and 0.105%) from dicalcium phosphate, SCY and SCBY. The relative bioavailability mean value of 57.23% for SCY and 91.96% for SCBY, corresponding to 0.30% and 0.40% of available phosphorus, respectively.

brewer's; piglets; slope ratio; standard curve; sugarcane

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