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Pesquisa participante na intervenção da transmissão de helmintoses intestinais (cidade satélite do Paranoá - Distrito Federal)

This work was developed in the Paranoá city town of the Federal District of Brazil. It used techniiques of participative research with the aim of reducing intestinal helminths transmission in a group of children at nutritional risk. The family nucleus, that is, parents, children and other relatives living together in the same house, was used as reference for this research. All steps of the work were followed simultaneously by technical and educative actions. The technical actions were related to faecal examinations and medication. The educative process, stimulated critical analysis and reflections on the central problem and life conditions, with a strong focus on Health Promotion to improve life quality, as well as an empowerment process. During the work development, of the action program included the following steps: home visits, interviews, group meetings, feedback on the faeces examinations results and treatment. An evaluation of the final results was made through quantitative and qualitative methods, which showed the construction, acquisition and socialisation of knowledge.

Intestinal parasites control; Health and Education; Intestinal parasites epidemiology

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