Systematic review of the literature on crack: analysis of its harmful use in the individual and contextual dimensions

Mirna Barros Teixeira Elyne Montenegro Engstrom José Mendes Ribeiro About the authors


This article investigates how the approaches towards the harmful use of crack cocaine and other drugs are conformed in Brazil and worldwide. A critical revision of the literature has been made regarding the pattern of consumption of crack cocaine and its related factors through a systematic search in scientific publications electronic data bases between 2010 and 2016. 37 articles have been analyzed by author, year, country of the study, and methodology; crack cocaine consumption pattern, individual and contextual factors related to this consumption. The conclusion was that the approach towards the use of drugs should be focused on damage reduction perspective, promotion of autonomy and human rights, and not on the utopia of eliminating consumption and drugs production.

Crack cocaine; Harm reduction; Public policies; Street drugs

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