The work of the nurse in psychosocial care centers

Luciane Prado Kantorski Fernanda Barreto Mielke Sidnei Teixeira Júnior About the authors

This study concerns the profile and activities carried out by nurses in the Psychosocial Care Centers (Caps). It is a qualitative study of the descriptive type. The research instrument used was the structured interview, conducted with 13 nurses of Caps I and II, belonging to the area covered by the Third Regional Health District of Rio Grande do Sul (3ª CRS/RS). From the interviews, information was obtained about the clientele of the Caps, the team's composition, and the activities the nurses carried out in the Caps. The nurses listed their activities in the routine of the Caps, and they were examined in reference to psychosocial rehabilitation within the psychiatric reform.

work; nursing; mental health

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