Franklin Delano Soares Forte Camila Helena Machado da Costa Talitha Rodrigues Ribeiro Fernandes Pessoa Annatália Meneses de Amorim Gomes Claudia Helena Soares Morais Freitas Liberata Campos Coimbra Dorlene Maria Cardoso de Aquino About the authors


The study aimed to understand the perception Dentistry students at the Federal University of Paraíba have of the use of portfolios as one of the evaluation methods. Data were collected from 16 students in 2011 by means of the focus group technique and were analyzed based on content analysis. The themes were then defined: conceptualization, student-professor role, active methods, difficulties in preparing portfolios and suggestions. Students see portfolios as an instrument of dialog between professors and students through accounts of group experiences in the social equipment and individual reflections in the construction of concepts and theoretical deepening. It was concluded that students perceive the portfolio as a powerful, innovative tool for vocational training, serving to monitor the teaching-learning process for being dialogical, interactive, and providing opportunities for active learning.

training; reflexive portfolio; formative assessment; teaching and learning methodologies

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