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Trabalho, Educação e Saúde, the scientific journal edited by Oswaldo Cruz Foundation’s (Fiocruz, from the Portuguese Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) Escola Politécnica de Saúde Joaquim Venâncio, informs that, as of January 2018, it will no longer publish its printed version, which will mean the cancelation of all subscriptions.

The decision is based on the scientific communications trend of adopting a publication as the main vehicle for the dissemination of research results in an online electronic version – an essential feature of the movement for the open access to scientific information, to which the journal quickly adhered –,and it is also based on the heavy budget cuts suffered by the science and technology fields.

Apart from reducing the production costs, the decision to only publish online will make it easier for the journal to begin a new phase in its editorial production, whose goal is to speed up the publication of scientific articles, reducing the time between the manuscript approval and the final publication, and also enabling the publication of a greater number of approved and peer-reviewed articles every year.

Thus, as of January 2018, we invite all of our readers, the teachers, the health professionals, the researchers, and the authors in the fields of Labor, Education and Health to access the journal through the following links:

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