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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.32 no.114 Campinas Jan./Mar. 2011

 ·  O III SEB e suas marcas no novo PNE

 ·  Higher education evaluation in Lula's second administration: "provão II" or the return of old practices?
Rothen, José Carlos; Barreyro, Gladys Beatriz

 ·  Democratic educational practices
Patacho, Pedro Manuel

 ·  Night schools in Rio de Janeiro's Court: imperial state, civil society and popular education (1860-1889)
Costa, Ana Luiza Jesus da

 ·  Memories of a Rural School: a case study based on written documentation (1928-1948)
Garnica, Antonio Vicente Marafioti

 ·  Anarchists: cultural creation, pedagogical invention
Silva, Doris Accioly e

 ·  The method of teaching reading and writing concretized in the object lesson method
Gontijo, Cláudia Maria Mendes

 ·  The industrialization of publishing houses and schoolbooks in the usa (from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century)
Warde, Mirian Jorge

 ·  A brief genealogical investigation on the other
Hermann, Nadja

 ·  Heritage and future of the concept of training (Bildung)
Flickinger, Hans-Georg

 Reviews & Syntheses
 ·  The importance of narrative research in education
Rabelo, Amanda Oliveira

 ·  Analytical possibilities of the notion of social field
Catani, Afrânio Mendes

 Pedagogical Practice Analysis
 ·  Preschool education: an analysis of the social manifestation of prejudice in games
Piccolo, Gustavo Martins

 Discussion & Polemics
 ·  What is the multicultural self capable of?
Bampi, Lisete

 Images & Words
 ·  Decifrando a história e o estigma do analfabetismo no Brasil
Sguissardi, Valdemar

 ·  "Radinho de pilha": sintonia fina entre educação e comunicação
Reis, Magali