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Educational policies, world views and the articulation in educative processes

This paper focuses on the discussion of educational policies in environmental education and on world views, for the purpose of clarifying their implications in educative process. The world views are conceived as epistemological macro-structures which consist of a set of values, beliefs, concepts and forms of knowledge which are the base for conceptions and educative actions. The paper also presents the components of the world views and the ways in which these components are articulated in educative processes. This aspect is important in order that the world conceptions underlying pedagogical practices developed by the schools may be identified. In an integrated world view, an environmental issue is conceived as a relational issue resulting from the model of social development and the relationship which the human beings establish among themselves and with the non-human environment. It is considered that the relational perspective may contribute to a change in the current approach of the environmental education.

educational policies; world views; educative processes

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