The three pedagogical moments and the production context of the book named Física

Cristiane Muenchen Demétrio Delizoicov About the authors

With the publication in late 1980 of the books that have as titles Metodologia do Ensino de Ciências and Física, the dynamics known as Three Pedagogical Moments (3PM) has become widespread. Both works are inserted in a Collection of Books for the High School (Coleção Magistério - 2º grau), which results from a project named "Diretrizes Gerais para o ensino de 2º grau: Núcleo Comum e Habilitação Magistério". During this project, the interaction between the group of researchers that implemented the Freirean perspective in the context of school education, ie, authors of the books Metodologia do Ensino de Ciências and Física, and educators in line with the critical-social perspective of the content, who designed the development of the collection Magistério - 2º grau - for teacher education occurs. This context of interaction is investigated in this article, based on an analysis of how the 3PM were addressed in the book Física.

Three Pedagogical Moments; Physics teaching; Methodology

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