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Establishment of corn seeding time interval after desiccation of oats with herbicides

With the purpose of evaluating time intervals for corn seeding after forage oats desiccation with non-selective herbicides, it was conducted a factorial trial in Agronomic Experimental Station of UFRGS, in Eldorado do Sul, RS, Brazil, in the 1997/98 growing season. One factor consisted of four times of oats desiccation (13, 9, 5 and 1 day before corn seeding). The other factor was four corn pre-seeding systems (glyphosate "540gha-1 e.a." herbicide applied on oat plants or on soil surface without oats; paraquat "400gha-1 i.a." + diuron "200gha-1 i.a." herbicide applied on oat plants; and a control in which corn seeding occurred in absence of oats and of herbicide use). There were no significant interactions between factors tested. In relation to corn pre-seeding systems, it was observed an increase in plant height, followed by decrease in plant dry matter, as determined 20 and 40 days after emergence, when corn was seeded in the presence of oat straw, in relation to corn seeded in its absence. For corn seeding time intervals after oat desiccation there were no significant differences for initial growth of corn plants and either in corn final height or grain yield.

Glyphosate; paraquat; Avena strigosa S.; no-till

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