The new local services of Public Education in Chile: Challenges of the initial implementation process


The process of installing the new local public school Education systems is analyzed; this process aimed at strengthening the sector, after experiencing a significant deterioration in the last four decades. The process takes place in an international scenario oriented in the opposite direction: favoring the privatization of the sector. In order to understand the phenomenon, the historical trajectories of the country in recent decades, the characteristics of the municipal Education system and the complex progress of the implementation of new local services today are made explicit from the perspective of political cycles. The technical influences of the law, the simultaneity of tasks and the political tensions generated by a regulation based on social rights implemented by a government with more interest in the private, are exposed, in a scenario of uncertainty that is sought to be specified and reduced.

Public Education; Subnational Institutionality; Implementation of Educational Reforms; Privatization of Education

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