The journal Educação & Sociedade: a reading of editorials from 1978 to 1996

Fabiana de Cássia Rodrigues About the author


The text analyses the editorial of the Magazine Education and Society issues 1 to 57, encompassing the period between 1978 and 1996. This publication is perceived as a documentary corpus that expresses both different educational concepts and political perspectives that, in connection with the ebullience in the educational field during such period, sheds light on the broad possibilities of study provided by this collection. The context in which the journal emerged was put in the spotlight as a political expression of a group of intellectuals engaged in the fight towards education and the building of a democratic society. The journal is also an important space for clash of ideas, thus being an essential reference for the study of dilemmas and educational challenges of the Brazilian reality. This article is organized in three sections: initially, the journal is referred to as a space of consensus about rejection of both dictatorship and its educational policies. The second part of the text highlights some aspects that exemplify the intense debate in which the journal was inserted, as a place for theoretical and political divergences. Finally, in the third section, aspects standing out from the editorials addressing the “New Republic” are approached: a debate about LDB, the relationship between education and work amongst neoliberal policies, and the process of productive restructuring.

Journal Educação & Sociedade; Editorials; Education; Democracy

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