“Promote from within”: a thoughtful and participated approach in the evaluation of educational settings

Donatella Savio About the author


The evaluation of educational settings such as “promotion from within” has been developed through extensive research in the field (Bondioli, 2015a; Savio, 2013). The approach is founded on the principles of reflexivity and participation (Guba & Lincoln, 1989, 2001); it requires the involvement of a working group (the operators of a certain educational context) and of a facilitator of reflexive-participatory processes. We will discuss the theoretical references, the specific objectives, processes, strategies that characterize the approach, deepening in particular the facilitator role and the stages of the evaluation process in the light of recent researches (Bondioli, 2015a, 2015b; Bondioli & Savio, 2009; Bondioli & Savio, 2014a; Savio, 2011; Savio, 2013).

fourth-generation evaluation; educational evaluation; educational settings for children; participation; reflexivity; promotion from within

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