Relation between initial formation and teacher action: the political challenge of physical education at the center of the debate

Ivan Carlos Bagnara Paulo Evaldo Fensterseifer About the authors


Aiming to understand how the Initial Formation (IF) problematized the themes related to school responsibility and Physical School Education (PSE), we developed an action research with two Physical Education (PE) teachers. The results indicate that there is a certain political orphanhood related to the school and the PE, regarding the superficial understanding of the theme offered by the IF. And in politics, without a vacuum, the absence of understanding of republican precepts and the place of school in a republican society enables other propositions. Thus, to constitute this tradition, it is necessary to face the political challenge of the PSE in every opportunity, so that if this is the wish, it is possible to advance in the institution of republican senses for the school and the PSE.

Higher education; Republican school; Teacher training; Politics

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